Willowfield is the largest neighborhood in Los Santos and the undoubted epicenter of the city's gang crime. The neighborhood is mostly industrial and residential, and relatively little commerical presence exists, causing a high poverty and crime rate in the area.

The neighborhood has been inhabited by gangs such as Los Malvados, 6th Street Block Royals, Southside Crips, and many others.

The zip code of Willowfield is 90221, which it does not share with any other neighborhood. The major ethnicities in the neighborhood are Black and Hispanic. It is ranked 9th in per capita income and is said by many to be a lower class area.


Willowfield began as a planned town in San Andreas during the 1920s. As people left Los Santos for Willowfield's more affordable housing, it became very crowded. Homelessness, violence and poverty became radical issues. As a result, the city of Los Santos annexed the Town of Willowfield in 1943 and zoned an industrial park in the area.

However, these industrial jobs proved to be no benefit to Willowfield. Interstate 425 was built through the industrial park in 1952, and this made it simpler for others to access what was then the suburbs from the inner city. Blight began to thrive in the area, making it a perfect place for gang uprisings in the 1970s.

Recent YearsEdit

In the recent years, a small section of Willowfield, known as Tar Street has had a large increase in people of mexican ethnicity, where it appears there are almost no african-americans anymore along with no more african-american gangs existing in Willowfield, this may be due to a mexican gang operating in the area, and the former presence of a white supremacist organization going around terrorizing the streets. Many people moved away, making place for hispanic people.

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