Vinewood is a business and residential district which is located in Los Santos, San Andreas. Vinewood was established in 1898, May 25th. Vinewood and Hollywood were established during the same time and both for the same reasons. Vinewood is a lot like Hollywood but a lot smaller, it was created at first for upper class housing and eventually powerful businesses set up in the area. After time the movie business was made in Vinewood, and Broadway theatre was a big hit at the time. At present time Vinewood is still used for filming and for famous shows watched on television, although it is not what it used to be and it appears that Hollywood has taken over the filming business. Although a lot of San Andreas' celebrities reside in the Vinewood district and its surroundings such as Richman and the nearby Rodeo. The ZIP code of Vinewood is 33211.

Known celebrities within VinewoodEdit