Raymond Pirozzi
Biographical information

"Fancy Ray",




November 21st, 1993
Los Santos, San Andreas

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Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Dave Pirozzi (Father (imprisoned))

Sarah Pirozzi (Mother)


(Saint Joseph Street Crew)

Miscellaneous information

In search of

Raymond "Fancy Ray" Pirozzi is Italian-American decent male living in the district of Saint Joseph street.

Early life and the sudden turn.Edit

His nickname "Fancy Ray" was given to him by fellow friends and schoolmates due the fact that his family was quite a bit over the average when it came to wealth and money. Ray's father, Dave, was successful businessman running cafe chain under the name "Sip it!" which was known around the Los Santos. His father was not so long ago arrested and imprisoned for not paying taxes, plus adding to that during the arrest there was found a bag with total five grams of cocaine into his right, inner pocket of his Armani suit. It wouldn't be that bad if Dave would get only his sentence but along that all of his money and properties were seized to cover his debt to almighty government. Luckily, family's house was on his wife's, Raymond's mother's name and it was not taken away. His mother, Sarah, is history teacher in Saint Joseph Secondary School and works there for average teacher salary. After this awful event with his father Ray is now forced to give up all the fancy goods as late night parties in the best clubs of LS, best clothing, electronics etc, because with Sarah's salary it's not possible to pay all the bills and other payments, without all the Fancy Ray's extras. Bad financial situation of Ray's family forced him to a rather radical step he wasn't even considering as partly legit few months ago - getting a job. He is aiming for a vacancy in the pizzeria that opened up recently.