Bird's-eye view of Montgomery.

Montgomery is a small-sized community located in Red County, it holds 3,623 people to this current date. The town has been known to hold a very tight knit community consisting of a primarily, but not exclusively, Irish-American community. The origin of the naming of the town is not exactly known but it is thought to be named after the original founder of the town who is unknown. The ZIP code of the small town is 27233.

During the Irish immigration into the United States during the late 1800s to the early 1900s, large amounts of Irish families began to pour into the Eastern coast of America in such areas like New York, Boston and Chicago. A majority of the families arriving were there for the space, resources and above all else the money to be made from a developing nation. This was the case during the building of railways which employed many Irish, Italian and Eastern-European men. Ultimately, the families involved in this construction found themselves arriving and settling on the West coast, and more specifically in San Andreas. As Irish families began to make their way to the West coast through the construction of railways and highway systems, ghettos began to appear where families chose to settle.

As modernization swept across the United States, the community grew and eventually ended up being the home of many small businesses such as pubs, restaurants, imports and exports as well as weapons shops. The town also became the home to the San Andreas State Police for a short period between 2010 - 2011 where crime in the area saw a sudden decline. Since their depart back into Los Santos, crime has risen slightly but seems to stay moderately non-violent due to the control of organized criminal groups in the area. The neighborhood, similar to the Four Points of Jefferson, tends to abide by a code of silence, choosing to solve their issues between each other rather than involving the authorities.