Boss Burger in Marina

Marina is a district in western Los Santos, San Andreas, most commonly known for the Boat Shop at one of it's piers within the small canal that is, as the name suggests, used as marina. While consisting mostly of decent houses on The Waterfront (Path down to the Boat Shop) and Giggles Avenue, the housing areas on Hell Street is in Marina as well, the only two businesses in that area are the Book Emporium and a Burger Shot fast-food restaurant dubbed as Boss Burger. Marina's zip code is 90210 which it shares with Rodeo, Richman, and a small part of Market, to be precise the building complex Market Station is located in. It is curently owned by Andrew Wolforth.

Crime is almost non-existent in Marina, and since there are no well-populated meeting places known in the area and the richer households being situated in Rodeo and Richman, it is uncommon for Criminals to target the area.

= Residents =
The following people are known to live in Marina or at least have a house within the area.
* Linda Di Francisca
* Jason & Nicole Ford
* Emma Lewis
* Andrew Wolforth

*Imants Young

*Ryan Carther