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Los Santos International Airport
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Shawn Brown

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Anthony Weller


South Los Santos

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Airport Authority & Flight School

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Los Santos International Airport is the most trafficed airport in the state of San Andreas, and the only one in Los Santos. The airport is located south of Los Santos, by the sea. The airport is a controlled TMA, and all air traffic are required to contact Los Santos Tower when it is active, for any movement on ground or in air, within the TMA. If tower is inactive, all air traffic must use CTAF for air-to-air communication and announcement of intentions.

The airport is widely used for both commercial air traffic, and for GA aircrafts and pilots.


The airport is a restricted area, protected by gates, guards, CCTV and alarm systems. Only persons with a valid airport ID card will be able to gain access to the airport's operational areas. Examples of persons with such ID cards are certified pilots, airport employees and government emergency workers.

All air traffic must have contact with tower and ask for permission for any movement on ground and in air. If tower is not active, pilots are required to use CTAF for air-to-air communication and announcing all intentions.

All ground vehicles operating within the airport operational areas are required to be tuned to the tower-ground frequency. Ground vehicles only need tower permission for crossing or using the runways. Ground vehicles must yield for any aircrafts, and show great caution when moving on flight operative areas. Strobes or four-way flashers are required to be used on flight operative areas. There are no parking allowed on flight operative areas unless tower authorizes a short stop.

Airport ground mapEdit

An official ground map for Los Santos International Airport is available, and used as reference for pilots and Air Traffic Control (ATC). The map marks all hangars, gates, helipads, runways and taxiways by name. It tells pilots and anyone using the airport where to park, taxi, take-off and land. An updated map will always be available at this link.

LSI parking map

The parking map of Los Santos International Airport. Updated as of 10/04/2012.

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