Los Santos Detective Agency
Business information

Private Organization


Vinny Colucci

Managed by

Vinny Colucci

Current Owner(s)

Vinny Colucci - Chief Superintendent
Taylor Lorento - Superintendent


San Street HQ


GPS Tracking Device
Alarm Systems
CCTV Cameras

Chronological and political information

September 2nd, 2011

Date dissolved

May 31st, 2012


Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas State Police

The Los Santos Detective Agency was founded by Vinny Colucci on September 2nd, 2011 in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. It was an original idea made by Vinny himself after his friend's vehicle was stolen and recovered by Vinny himself. It originally was planned to just be solely a company that recovers missing vehicles, but quickly advanced, expanded and turned into a multi-service corporation.

The start, and the end of the CompanyEdit

The company started out in a small office on Pasadena Boulevard in Temple, and then grew and expanded to a big office up the street from San Andreas State Police on Western Avenue. Then it moved to big office along ST. Lawrence's boulevard, close to the ammunation. Subsequently when the High Command decided that also VRD start to do the investigation work, the IOB division changed to Special Investigations Bureau, and the VRD changed to Private Investigations Bureau. Later, in May of 2012, the Company, LSDA got closed, by the Chief Superintendent, and the founder, Vinny Colucci.


The Los Santos Detective Agency, offering multiple services, split up employees by separating them by their jobs within a division and a bureau.

Private Investigations BureauEdit

This division did work, related to investigation cases, with Special Investigations Bureau. They got the cases from private persons, started to investigate them, and then gave the extra-informations what they got, to the Special Investigations Bureau.
Head: Bill Deiner

Special Investigations BureauEdit

This bureau did all the under cover detective work related to cases, with Private Investigations Bureau. Started their own case files on people and groups of people was their job, as well as doing the customer requested cases.
Head: William Dust