Los Flores is a small hispanic district within East Los Santos, the name translated to english means "The Flowers". Los Flores is quite an elevated area and mainly consists of small-time businesses, apartments, houses, garages and a small bridge.


Los Flores was first made during the early 1950's due to the large increase in Mexicans coming to Los Santos. This worked out as they saw other hispanics which they got along with well at the time, and were criticized by African-americans which led to gangs being created for protection. Soon after Los Flores became a hotspot for gangs which then developed into a more fierce evolution which led to violence. Drugs were soon introduced in the 1980's when the crack epidemic hit the area, which led to drugs being sold for a living by many people in the area and it's convenient alleyways being scattered all over the district. This is when we saw the most fearsome gang arise throughout the district and force the others merge. The gang was known as "Los Muertos Vivientes", translating to "The Undead". During the 1990's LSMV (Los Muertos Vivientes) became well-known nationally after shooting an elderly African-american man who was apparently lost. The man managed to pull his phone out and call the police before being killed in an alleyway within the area. Since then the police have successfully raided the area and have managed to imprison multiple members within the area, and successfully scare away the rest, this has resulted in a clean hispanic community.


To present date the area appears to have no more existent gang affliation and now has a proper latino/hispanic community without fear, violence and crime. A well-known festival is held within Los Flores on May 12th which represents the labelling of Los Flores as a district, this festival is known as "Festival de la creación".