Overview A district alongside the northern area of {gta|Los Santos} which is seperated into three different enclaves which are all culturally infused. The ZIP/Postal code of Las Colinas is 43265.


Rancho Del NorteEdit

Rancho Del Norte as it's known by it's native population, is an enclave situated in the upper eastside of Las Colinas. It is notable for being one of the only norteno controlled chicano neighborhoods in Los Santos. As such, it is constantly under barrage by sureno gangs in attempts to rid their historical rivals of their homestead.

Northside Trailer ParkEdit

A modest sized trailer park, that was established in the mid-80s when the crack epidemic swept Los Santos. Built for those who wished not to intermingle with the native population of the Gravehills, it has long since been the target of advances by local gangs, due to the lucrative crystal meth production that occurs in the area.

Old San JuanEdit

Located at the northeast corner of the upper eastside of East Los Santos, it was during the 1950's a center for Carribean Hispanic immigration was created, which led to Old San Juan being made. Puerto Ricans flocked to the area and set up in low-income tenements, swiftly within the decade. However, in recent years influence has waned, as it was mostly melded and blended with by Mexican culture. Despite this, Old San Juan has maintained it's distinct cultural traditions, whereas the rest of the Puerto Rican population in other parts of the city have integrated with their Hispanic brethren. Although the small amount of racial discrimination between Puerto Ricans and Dominicans from the nearby Los Flores still exists to this date.

Little HaitiEdit

Main article: Little Haiti Little Haiti was once a center for Haitian immigration in Los Santos. In recent years, it has boasted quite a numerous lower-class Caucasian population. Due to the violent history between ethnic groups in this area it is also known as the Gravehills.