Idlewood is a neighborhood in Central Los Santos. The neighborhood has a history of gang violence. This district is also home to the infamous Idlewood Gas Station. The zip code of Idlewood is 90301.


Idlewood is one of the newer districts of Los Santos. Having it's start as a Hooverville in the great depression due to it's proximity to the railroad. When the depression calmed the shanties were cleaned up and the area was instead filled with cheap housing. Which eventually became a center of African American culture on the West Coast. During the 40's and 50's it underwent a rennaisance of sorts but after the assassination of Martin Luther King it's vibrant community quickly degraded into a slum as riots tore the city of Los Santos apart. It became infamous for it's unseen levels of violent crime. In fact it was rated several times that Idlewood Gas Station was the most dangerous place in America. In late 2009, community leader DeShaun Miller and several others worked to make Idlewood a middle class district again, it had a great effect on the neighborhood as many Upper and Middle class whites moved into the area, though causing much Black Flight. Because of this by 2010 a violent opposition was created and many of the new residents were attacked or had their property vandalized. Eventually the new residents were forced out of the neighborhood and Idlewood fell back into decay.

In late 2010 and early 2011, Idlewood became the place of operations for numerous Italian-American mobsters affiliated to Salvatore Rosoni's crew of The Filippelli Crime Family. The Cosa Nostra crew were able to gain a monopoly over crime in the area, employing small street gangs under themselves for an organized distribution of high and low end narcotics in the area. As FBI surveillance and case file's grew against the crew, their influence over the area began to dwindle and by the end of 2011 it had dissolved completely.

After the end of the Italian-American reign over the streets of Idlewood, another local organization known as The Arrington Organization began to move in. They took control over the area's drug trade and set up corners from which they dealt. Conflicts between the Crips and Arrington eventually ended after Arrington had claimed their victory, and consequently resumed fighting off criminal organizations to flaunt such. Over time, the rebellion in the Arrington crew rose, thus decreasing their power dramatically, though remaining there in a lesser form.

Recently the area has been going through a more peaceful era due to the disappearance of many unorganized street gangs and drug traffickers. Italian-Americans are once again moving into the neighborhood, more specifically those affiliated to the Saint Joseph Street Crew.