Ganton is a neighborhood in South Eastern Los Santos. The neighborhood has been in the past and is still notorious for an extremely high crime rate due to gang violence.

Multiple gangs still inhabit the Ganton area.

The zip code of Ganton is 90220, which it does not share with any other neighborhood. The zip code's major ethnicities were Black, Hispanic and Asian. The zip code ranks 8th in per capita income and can be described as lower working class.


Ganton's origins begin with the construction of Colombe Greens in 1862. The town was a small settlement on the bed of the Eastmain River and consisted of a few small homes, a schoolhouse and a piggery.

In the 1930s, the town of Willowfield was built south of Ganton. The goal of Willowfield was to provide housing to low-income residents. However, these residents began to overcrowd the neighborhood, and eventually they settled north of the river, forming parts of western Ganton.

Ganton's true housing boom took place during the 1950 suburbanism movement, however. Like most inner suburbs, Ganton's land was developed with many post-war bungalows. However, these bungalows were often built with poor materials such as wood shingles or plaster walling, and dilapidated quickly and easily.

These dilapidated houses soon proved to virtually destroy the housing market by 1964. Low house prices allowed gang members to freely inhabit these homes. During 1968, sets of the Crips gang were formed throughout Ganton. These sets were soon challenged when the Piru split off from the Crips in 1972, creating an internal war throughout the neighborhood. Ever since, Bloods and Crips have inhabited Ganton in small sets.

During the late 1970s, Ganton experienced change. Interstate 25 was built through the neighborhood in 1976. The Mercy Projects were established on the western end in 1978, and the Ganton Projects to the south in 1980.