Federal Court of San Andreas




November, 2009


Pershing Square No.4


San Andreas

Number of Magistrates


Number of Judiciary Analysts


Processes Judged per Month


Presiding Judge

President Anna McTavish

The San Andreas Federal Court, completed in 19th November, stands at a height of 42 meters. Conceived by the Government and designed by Oscar Niemeyer it was designed and built to meet the requirements a Court has. As most of the modern buildings in the city, it was designed by Oscar Niemeyer following the style of modern San Andreas architecture. The building also has 6 stories. The lobby consists of the plenary, the place where the trials take place. The second story houses the Presiding Judge Private Office, as well as the evidences room. The upper floors consists of offices to deal and analyze the different kinds of lawsuits, from Civil and Criminal to Labour actions. Everything, after analyzed, goes to a commission of Law graduates, that assists the Judge in order to write and prepare a sentence. The last floor houses the FCSA Magazine Headquarter, an office created by the Court to publish the judged processes, and give additional information to the public about the Court’s actions, and information related to public security.