El Corona is one of the districts in the south-eastern part of the city of Los Santos. The neighborhood can be described as a lower class area, and in some areas it can be described as a ghetto. The area was first made in the 1930's when jobs were offered at the same time as the large mexican immigrant influx within Los Santos, for building a railroad and also constructing Unity Station, this gave new hispanic immigrants jobs but that quickly faded away when the railroad and Unity Station were actually built, jobs vanished. People were found to be hanging together with their own race soon after within El Corona and neighbourhoods like Unity Gardens also. They saw others forming gangs around themselves, to protect themselves. This later on developed the area into a lower class area, the gangs evolving into fierce cliques, drawing away anyone but hispanics from the area. With crime, drugs and guns introduced to the area soon after, gangs evolved into dangerous groups which is when the police were to become involved. Since then the area seems more working class, but is still visibly scarred from its past, deeper within the district the area is still clearly gang ran, along with some of its outskirts such as Unity Gardens.

The zip code of El Corona is 90301.



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Named so for the two intersecting streets in the neighborhood. Aces-Gates is one of the most dilapitated residential areas on the Lower Eastside.