Dillimore is a town located on the outskirts of Vinewood integrated into Red County with an estimated population of 2,102 inhabitants. The city's main exports are lumber from the local timber industry, wheat and corn from the local agricultural fields and with a certain reputation in cattle growing.

Town HistoryEdit

The town of Dillimore was founded in the mid 18th Century by pioneers from the East Coast attempting to establish residence in the Californian land as a part of the Californian Gold Rush immigration flow. The town's first inhabitants were lead by a Reginald Dillimore and settled as simple farmers, taking advantage of the local fertility from the soils and the widespread grazing fields to grow crops and cattle.

Rumours of a discovery of a gold mine in the late eighteen century brought a decent flow of immigrantion towards the town, as it established as one of the most prosperous settlements in the soon to be metropolis of Los Santos.

In the early twentieth century, the creation of new industries and the development of the city life in the metropolis lead to a widespread Rural Exodus, with the town's population being reduced to an half. It was during the hard times of the Great Depression that this rural area gained importance as a commercial interpost between Los Santos and Las Venturas, with an economy of roadhouses and transportation utilities developing.

During the times of the Great Depression, the area was frequently used as an haven for bootleggers with it's wide seclusive florest areas providing the perfect cover for these trades. Several operations of the production of Moonshine were made in this era, with some variations of the beverage still being popular with the older segments of the population.

The sixties saw the drafting of many of the local youth towards the Vietnam War, with the few traumatized youth that managed to return alive from the War ending up on the formation of a Motorcycle Club that gave Dillimore it's fame: the The Sinister Bastards Motorcycle Club which thrived in the town for over fourty years and gave Dillimore recognition on a worldwide basis.

In the late twentieth century, the town lost a significant bundle of it's population turning into a small rural town, but still regaining the qualities that made it famous.

After the SBMC move from Dillimore, the town remained peaceful for a short while having met the formation of a rather small Motorcycle Club, the Devil's Own, which quickly bonded with the community through several charity events.


Reginald Dillimore High School- The local highschool which harbours the few youth that reside in Dillimore, with the local football program "The Dillimore Moutainlions" bringing many thrills to the small population.