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The Church of the Sacred Mother's Assumption or simply the known as the Jefferson Parish is one of the few proper Catholic churches in the area. It is steeped in Irish Catholic culture


Located in the "Four Points", the Church of the Sacred Mother's Assumption is one of the oldest churches in Los Santos. Established in 1909, by Father Walter McGavin, the Church has long been noted for it's connection to Irish-Catholicism and it's place as a cornerstone of the "Four Points." Long before their was any need to call the Irish-American block by that name. Most of Jefferson (including the Southside) was inhabited by whites, mostly of Irish descent. Over the years, white flight began to take hold of the neighborhood as ethnic minorities moved into the neighborhood in the early 70's. The church was soon no longer an Irish Catholic dominated and was frequented by Mexican Catholics from the North.

In mid '92, the church and it's clergy were terrorized by a barrage of gang-affiliated attacks. After much vandalism and distress. The church was forced to close their doors, and abandon the Church. It wasn't until early 2008, that it again opened it's doors. By this time, the anti-Catholic street gangs that claimed responsibility for the attacks had dissolved and the bishop of the Los Santos municipal diocese was once again permitted to resume operation in the parish. It operated at a limited state, without major funding or backing from the bishop of Los Santos, but was nonetheless allowed to operate on it's meager means.

In late 2009, another minor Irish-American wave of interstate immigration began. Seeking refuge, a group of wanted Irish-American gangsters settled in the once Irish-American neighborhood of Jefferson, and re-carved the lost Irish-American culture that had been forgotten. With them they brought their families. Not just their immediate, but their extended aswell. It was a new age, and Jefferson was a "promised land." Theu deemed Mid-Jefferson the "Four Points" and began to help restore the dilapidated building. It was once again the cornerstone fore Irish-Catholicism that it had once been. The "Four Points parish" would began to see a renaissance as the clergy was now well-funded by private donations from the new residents of Jefferson.

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