Chinatown is a district located to the southern parts of Los Santos holding the majority of chinese society in Los Santos, San Andreas, but does not only hold chinese decent inhabitants, but in modern days tends to make place for many asian cultures such as Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean people.

Chinatown started forming around 1863 when the first Chinese immigrants first moved down to the United States, some settling in San Andreas to help work on the railroads for a low payment attempting to live the American dream. Due to segregation many asian folks settled in suburbs such as Verona, Verdant bluffs and southern Commerce where they could uphold their traditions and lifestyle. Many people followed to strengthen their asian society, and with the many chinese immigrants that docked into Los Santos the population grew. After the Chinese the Vietnamese and Koreans followed, and smaller groups of Japanese settled around the indicated suburbs.


Around the founding years of the district the first indications of crime were rebelious chinese citizens having built regret to moving to the United States. Their low payments and horrible treatment by American society made them feel discriminated, and conflicts occured as cultures collided with one another. The first serious group of organized crime forming from thug-life was Suey Sing Tong. The Triads formed a prominent part of organized crime around San Andreas alongside the American mafia. In modern days Japanese organized crime has made itself present in Los Santos, though. Smaller gangs raising from thug-life band together by associating themselves with the Japanese mafia, Yakuza, that intend to move into the United States, smaller sub-clans that lack to uphold their ancestors' traditions eventually forming up and showing activity around Chinatown. The Ichimonji Clan was one of these, banding together the Little Tokyo Boys, Hosha-sei and forming The Takeyoshi Crew. The Japanese mafia has been around for only a few decades so their presence is still young and less renowned. Eventually the Ichimonji Clan's activity had become defunct in the area. With the fading of the Suey Sing Tong and Ichimonji Clan room was made for the Hēi Lóng Tong. The Hēi Lóng Tong too also had dissolved in the area only to leave it available for months. This is when the Blood Feather Association had expanded into the Los Santos area.