{{infobox character
|image=File:Charles Redfield.jpg
|name= Charles Redfield

|aka= Red
|country= American
|birth= 01/12/1979 (Age: 34)
|death= 23/02/2011 19:36
|race= Caucasian (Irish descent)
|gender= Male
|height= 184 CM
|hair= Brown
|eyes= Blue
|skin= White
Karina James(Mother)

Elliot Redfield(Sister)

Barney Redfield(Brother)

Simon Redfield(Father)
|affiliation= LSCSD (Los Santos County Sheriffs Department)

Charles Redfield also known as Red was born in December the 1st, 1979. He is a uncomprimised community hero in the state of San Andreas for his excellent work in both Local as Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Today he has been given command over the Los Santos County Sheriffs Department and is currently getting the shattered department back on it's feet -and he does so with excellence.


Early YearsEdit

Charles has been born at San Francisco on December 1st, 1985. His parents gave him love as much as possible and gave him a stabile upbringing. Charles grew up, went to school, graduated and decided to go to the university in Law. He met his actual best friend, Joseph Burrows, at that time. He recieved his diploma but decided to apply to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Academy School.

Employment in the FBIEdit

Employment in the LSPDEdit


Leading the LSCSDEdit

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit