Angel Pine is a moderately sized town located in Whetstone, San Andreas, nestled between the large landmark of Mount Chiliad and the forests of Shady Creek with a population of 6,412. It boasts an amazing view of the mountain and is virtually a minute away from the eeriness of Shady Cabin, (situated in the heart of Shady Creek) and minutes away from San Fierro if you take the highway in south Foster Valley. Sitting at the base of the enormous Mount Chiliad; this small-town suburbia is host to the logging company Angel Pine Sawmill.

The town of Angel Pine was refered to as independent when it was founded in 1853 by George Angels, being a neighbour town of Los Santos when it was still sprouting from the ground in all its glory. The town would've started off as a simple vestment outside of San Fierro and Los Santos during both the city's founding yet Angel Pine did not manage to grow as quick as the two city's were able to. Having a simple major-ran government there was no law enforcement agency present when the crime rate was low until the population expanded from 100 citizens to over thousand when hitting the 20th century.

The economy was mainly based off from lumberjacking and fishing yet from the 20th century it also came down to a small group of tourists finding interest in its particular location near Mount Chilliad's feet. Said tourists would use Angel Pine as a resort before climbing up the mountain to break the local state record. Over its development in the 20th century income remained based on old-style exchange-trade as there was not many resources to live from what lead to Angel Pine not being given the chance to expand into a bigger town due to its unnatural location near a forest compared to Los Santos and San Fierro whom both grew out to larger vestments and were people's first choice.

Hitting the 21st century few companies, founded earlier in the more northern and eastern parts of San Andreas, expanded over into Angel Pine due to citizen's initiative such as the Cluckin' Bell company what was by far the only succesful company part of this moving.

Business directoryEdit

Cluckin' Bell
J&J's Restaurant
Angel Pine Cinema
Angel Pine Sawmill
Bait shop
Belle Maitresse Beauty Salon
Billy's Records
Botanica Carlos Miguel
Angel Pine Electronics
Xoomer Gas station
Leydi D. Café
Liquor Store
Lovin' A Loan
No. 1 Desert Home Furnishings
Powertool Paradise
Tony's Furniture
U Get Inn Motel

Law EnforcementEdit

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Crime RateEdit

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