Angalisa Patterson
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31st May, 1988 (Age: 24)

Physical description

Caucasian (English)



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Golden/Bronze (Dyed)

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Known family

Alissa Patterson - Wife


San Andreas State Police

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State Police

Owned vehicles

Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Sultan)

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 (Buffalo)

  • Angalisa's Dodge Charger SRT-8
  • Angalisa's STOP M4A1 Carbine with Holographic sight
  • Angalisa's Cheytac Intervention Sniper for STOP.
  • Angalisa's Sidearm of choice.
  • Angalisa's armored Subaru Impreza.

Where it all beganEdit

Angalisa grew up in a small household with her sister Sharina, and her two brothers Jack and Jordan. As she grew up, she always looked up to her brother Jack. Jack was a role model to Angalisa, she always wanted to do what he did. Jack was quite fond of hunting, and as they grew up, the two would always spend there weekends with each other out in the woods. Which they carried there rifles with them, and was always ready to take down anything. Jack taught Angalisa how to use her first M9 when she was 13 years of age. Over the years she would progress and get into more heavy and dangerous firearms. From Desert Eagles to 12 gauge shotguns to even the M4A1 assault rifle. She instantly became interested in the field of criminal science. Thing is, she never knew about Jack's secrets at that time...


As the years went by, Angalisa graduated with her high school diploma from Toronto Independent High. She had goals to go out to collage and keep up on the study of criminal science. Sadly the local collages did not have the field courses, by this she was forced to move to Vancouver in which she had to break apart from her brother. The first two months she fell into a deep depression in which she could not focus in any of her classes. The only thing she had on her mind was her brother. Then came one day she meet with a man in class named Robert Coman. They started to get to know each other, and meet up with each other after classes.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably IsEdit

After a few months, Angalisa and Robert began to date, she thought it was the best time of her life. They were almost unseperateable, They felt like nothing could ever tear them apart. After a year in the relationship, Robert began to act differently. He would always do what he could to get Angalisa drunk, just to knock her up. He began to get violent, and beat her with no purpose at all. All that mattered was what type of mood he was in. Angalisa did whatever it took to hide from him, as she was afraid to break up with him. The fear that he could potentially kill her, made it clear that she should just try to keep her distance. Soon, he would begin to get his friends to be on a look out for her, to make sure she couldn't hide from him. They would stalk her though the halls, and all though the campus. She finally broke down one day and decided to notify the police of the situation. Was not too long later he ended up getting arrested and tossed in prison for 5 years. A year later, Angalisa finished her college with her masters in criminal science and law enforcement.

Excited For NothingEdit

While Angalisa was in college, she began to reserve e-mails from her sibling about how they all moved to Los Santos. The first person being Jack, then soon Sharina then Jordan. But, after a while, the e-mails from Jack came to a sudden stop. She didn't pay much mind to the matter as she was overly excited to see everyone. So, right after collage, she immediately hoped on the first plane to Los Santos. When she arrived at LSIA, she called Jack, but couldn't get a hold of him as his phone was dead. So she called Jordan instead, and he came around to pick her up. As they were driving, Jordan began to talk about how things were going and such. Then Angalisa asked him if he has heard from Jack. He hesitated for a minute as he told her how Jack was killed. She immediately fell apart at the scene. She felt like as if the worst thing that could possibly happen to her just happened.


After Angalisa got settled down in the new community, and obtained a small ranch styled house in Palomino, she decided to apply for the State Police Department, Bureau of Criminal Investigation [BCI]. She felt the needed to join as respect to her brother Jack. She was quickly accepted, and began her training within 2 days. She didn't get known that fast as she tended to keep to herself, only having her brother and her friend James Porter being the only one by her side.

All Out HellEdit

As came her third day on duty as a BCI detective, she came into contact with one of the troopers from CHSU, Sarah Fields, over the radio. They would begin to talk and get into contact with each other, and expressed her feelings to her. Fields would end up taking advantage of Angalisa as she would begin to black-mail her with sexual content she has obtained from her. She would hold it aginst her to obtain sex from her. This put Angalisa down the worst depression she has ever come to face. Soon after the first couple of times, Angalia and Sarah were in one of Angalisa's rooms. They kept hearing multiple knocks coming from the front door and multiple shouts. Soon after that they would hear a glass shatter coming from the backdoor. Sarah would quickly jump out of the bed, grab her Walther P99 and see the intruders. James and Jax Porter were standing there about to confront Sarah and Angalisa. After multiple threats from both parties the two brothers finally left.

Kaitlin LorentoEdit

Angalisa called in for a forensic unit one evening for corpse removal. As none were available for that evening, Kaitlin Lorento took the FIT Ambulance, and moved out to collect so.

Upon arrival, she spoke to Angalisa briefly, whom seemed distressed over the entire issue with Fields, and agreed to later discuss the matter.

And so, they did discuss the matter later, at Angalisa's house in Palomino, where they recorded the conversation, and Angalisa answered some questions related to the incident, being accused rape and blackmail from another CHSU Unit, Sarah Fields. After brief discussion, they concluded how to resolve the issue, and Angalisa bought up some social issues she had. Kaitlin being the person she is, offered to help Angalisa get out more, and offered for her to head out to a store some time and grab a drink where they can discuss matters and issues further, and generally just get away from work for abit.

The next day, they went to the Donut Store, in Market. In witch Angalisa would sit there and explain the situation, in witch she was rather concerned with her own safety. After the conversation, the two would end up getting together, witch lead to Angalisa moving in with Kaitlin at her house in Palomino. They would soon kick off, as Kaitlin would mean the world to her. But it would be short lived.

What felt like the endEdit

Angalisa got a backup request call one day from a fellow detective that ended up getting involved in a shoot out. Once she arrived, she quickly ducked behind her car taking cover from the shooter. He would fire a few rounds toward Angalisa, but then dived into his car, in attempt to drive away, but the lug nuts of the rim were already shot off, causing them to come apart from the car. When he attempted this, he'd drive right by Angalisa, almost directly towards her. Then rims on the back end causing the metal gas tank on the older model car to spark and explode. As Angalisa would attempt to run, she would only get so for before the impact of it would toss her forward.

From there, Angalisa would lay on the sidewalk, suffering from second degree burns. At this point, the only thing going though her mind was "Is this the end? Is this were my life would take its halt, having the good lord take me away?" She'd would lay there, almost no energy to move as she was quickly aided by her fellow detective and CHSU trooper, who quickly called in for medical assistance. Once ES would arrive they would instantly come to aid Angalisa as she would still have the ability to slowly talk, but with not much movement. She was then taken on a stretcher out to ASH were she would be put on a IV to help her recover. After a few hours of rest, she would receive a text, saying that Kaitlin was coming to visit her in the hospital. Once arrived, she was excited to see her love, but Kaitlin had more planed than just a visit. She would begin to talk, but then break up with her wile she laid in the hospital bed, witch caused Anaglisa to fall apart. Her gun was still on her holstered so she grabbed it, and placed it against her head. She felt like she had nothing to live for as she already lost her brother and sister. But then Kaitlin would grip the gun and point it to her self as she she would tell Angalisa to pull the trigger. She would claim how she was the source of the problem, and how she could not deal with the emotional pain she inflicted on Angalisa. But Angalisa would refuse to believe that, in witch she would just let completely grip of the gun go, giving up hope.

Next day when she was released, she would go back to Kaitlin's house to get her stuff and leave, but yet when arrived, Isabelle Torres was already there, talking to Kaitlin about the situation. Angalisa walked into the living room door as she peered to the two, as she seemed to not care. Isabell then attempting to talk to Angalisa witch then turned into a short term argument, resulting in Isabell leaving. At that point Angalisa and Kaitlin would begin to talk as Angalisa did what ever it took to attempt to save the relationship, witch would not work, it just turned back to Angalisa raising the gun back to her head, then Kaitlin pointing it back to herself again. After a constant argument, again Angalisa droped the gun as she then gathered her stuff and left back home.

Rachel SmithEdit

After a few weeks of Angalisa and Kaitlin breaking up, Angalisa would begin to think more about the break up, it witch she would rage about how it ended. The fact that it happened while she was laying in a hospital bed, about three foot steps away from losing her life drove her insane with rage. Then came a day that she decided to head to the shooting range inside the State Police Department Head Quarters, and was followed by Rachel Smith, who seemed to take in concern for Angalisa. But the range would then become flooded with students, so Angalisa would take a M4 from the gun rack and head out to the country, again fallowed out by Rachel. She came out to a small abandoned shooting range outside of Fort Carson, in which she would unload a half clip into a sand dune before Rachel would come up to her from behind. And begins to talk to her about her resent aggravation. Angalisa would then explain her problems with Kaitlin and how she acted toward Angalisa. Rachel then took full interest into the fact, but Angalisa at first felt like no one would care. This not being the fact as Rachel felt bad for her, and quickly took interest with Angalisa. Rachel understood were Angalisa was coming from, and aided her. The two then becoming a couple at the scene.

As the first week was exactly what Angalisa needed, having Rachel treating her like she was the only thing that mattered. Leaving Angalisa in one of the best moods ever since the breakup with Kaitlin. But after that first week, Rachel stopped coming home, and then ended up not showing up for work. Soon after she was removed from the SPD roster. Angalisa was then again left alone with no one to be there to help her when needed as she suffered trust issues from everyone. Slowly Angalisa began to suffer a mental breakdown as memories of her brother along with still loving Kaitlin plus stress from work. Then one day she was approached by her new Captain, Ricardo Wright, in which he gave Angalisa Jack's detective's file. This would contain all the cases he ever worked on as a detective in the BCI unit of SPD. She ended up taking the file home and placed it next to the framed picture of Jack in which she kept on the dresser at Rachel's beach house.

Depression takes overEdit

After a week of Rachel not showing up, Angalisa had no one to talk to when something came up. With all the stress of work, old habits, and coming home to end up seeing Irene's car parked outside of Kaitlin's beach house, the one being that Kaitlin bought from Angalisa back when they were together. Angalisa then began to figure that Kaitlin was with Irene, who she felt Kaitlin was cheating on her with back when they were together. This being what was going through her mind, Angalisa began to go crazy witch caused a mental breakdown. Losing all driving abilities, having no thinking ability left, and just not thinking clearly. She ended up finding herself sleeping with a random girl just to try and fill the hole left in her heart. Witch ended up just digging her depression even deeper. She lost all trust with the people around her, feeling as if she could not open up to anyone. Even her assistant commissioner Lowrey attempted to help, along with her friend Viviette.

Angalisa just falling into a deeper depression ended up heading home one day from work then took a knife to her shoulder, cutting into her skin, then laying on the couch, bleeding out on it. About thirty minutes of lying on the couch, passed out from blood loss, Viviette ended up finding Angalisa at the beach house when she came to check up on her. She immediately called in for an EMT over the department radio in which one then arrived and rushed her to the hospital. This being done, Angalisa was then admitted into the hospital for the night while on an IV to pump blood back into her system after she had to have her wound stitched closed. After being done so, she was approached by Lowrey who ended up talking to Angalisa out on a boat by Palomino, he ended up convincing her to just move back home and leave the house as it would do nothing but bring back memories. She ended up agreeing with him then headed back to Rachel's house to pack up her stuff and move out. But when she began to pack her stuff, she came across her picture of Jack along with his detective's file. She then sat down at the couch with the file as she began page though it with tears running down her face, dripping onto each page. She then realized from there that she had no one else left in life as everyone around her has betrayed her, or has been taken away from her. So she ended up heading back into the kitchen where she ended up grabbing the knife again then walk out the front door of the house and stood on the open beach where she took the knife to her right shoulder, and quickly slid it across it. She peered down to her arm with a sigh as she watched the blood drip down onto the sand as she stood there. After about ten minutes she turned and went back into the house, placed the knife back onto the counter were she placed the knife back onto the counter.

She ended up heading back onto the couch were she left the blood rush down her arm until she passed out from the blood loss. Each drip running down her arm onto the couch then down onto the floor below. Then after some time, she was found by Isabelle Torres and Sarina Torres. Isabelle ended up coming across the blood path that was on the sand witch led into Rachel's house. She came in to find the blood covered knife on the counter and Angalisa lying passed out on the couch with a mess of blood witch stained her clothing, arms, couch and floor. Isabelle freaked out then rushed to the counter, getting a dish towel from a drawer, then warped it around Angalisa's arm to stop the bleeding from getting wore as Sarina stood by, trying to convince Isabelle to just let her sit there and bleed out. But Isabelle didn't give up hope on Angalisa as she then called 911 for an EMT to come in and rush her to the hospital. Again to wake up in All Saints Hospital, confused while being hooked up to an IV with new stitching on her right arm.

After finally getting out of the hospital, she ended up getting a ride back to SPD HQ were she was approached by Lowrey again, this time he was beyond concerned on Angalisa's condition and was vaguely pissed how she didn't carry on with moving out and why she repeated her actions. So she sat there and explained herself to why it happened, he took in full understanding but he also had no idea about Angalisa past onto of this all, witch was also an entire reason to how she was acting with it all floating on her mind. So this time he took her back down to her house where he helped her get her stuff out and head back out to her house in Palomino. She then finally got her stuff unpacked as she then realized Jack's detective's file was missing. She instantly freaked out as she dashed out of her house into her Mustang were she raced down to Santa Maria only to come find it was gone, as the house was unlocked the entire time she was in ASH and when she was passed out. Getting a hold of such a file would describe all the cases on witch Jack ever worked on. Witch would potentially ruin future cases. She ended up freaking out as she headed back to HQ, nervous to only think of who could have the file. So she ended up doing a back track on who called the 911 for her as she had no clue. Only to find out the number went back to Isabelle's phone. So she and Lowrey prayed to god that she had it but ended up waiting until the next day to ask. But when Angalisa went home, Lowrey ended up finding the file on his desk. So he rushed down to Angalisa's and handed the file back over to her. Leaving her in a thankful mood and ended up hugging him and kissing him on the cheek as it cleared her mind.

Taking a second hitEdit

After Angalisa finally got her head clear of the past few days, she was finally back on her feet, heading back to work in which she ended up busting a drug lab just outside of the small town in which her HQ was placed. While towing one of the vehicles at the drug lab, she was called over the radio by her ex Kaitlin. She kindly took the call after she dropped the car off at the impound. Then she met up with Kaitlin outside the garage of SPD were she asked Angalisa to get in and she took her out to the middle of the woods to an old abandoned farm where she began to talk to her about her resent behavior. Angalisa began to hesitate as she then proceeded to tell her about what was all running though her mind being honest. Telling her about how she began to read Jack's file, how Rachel went missing, and how she was being affected by seeing Kaitlin with Irene all the time outside the house Kaitlin bought for Angalisa.Tears running down her face as she talked, Kaitlin took her her hand, wiping the tears from Angalisa's face. Kaitlin understanding from what she was saying but then asked if she thought anything of Kaitlin and Irene being together. Angalisa responded honestly by saying from her point of view that, that was exactly what she thought. Then Kaitlin, being honest, told Angalisa how she and Irene were together. Instantly the first thing to run though her mind was the possibility of Kaitlin cheating on Angalisa while they were together (Witch was what she thought back then.). In-witch she freaked out, screaming at Kaitlin shouting how she knew that she cheated on her while she was in the hospital and ran off. Kaitlin then jumped into her car, chasing after her, trying to get her to stop and listen to her. Angalisa refusing to even listen to her kept running until she came up to a ledge were she skidded to a stop, and fell back onto the ground, tear struck.

Kaitlin then came up to her, attempting to talk to her to convince her that was not how it was. Angalisa refused to listen were she then got back up and began to walk off, and then she realized that she had a helicopter over her head watching her. So she dashed off into a full sprint into a nearby farm where she ran into one of the barns, fell back and just sat there, heartbroken, as she could do nothing but sit there and cry. SPD trooper surrounded the area with cruisers and such, looking for her. Then finally after about ten minutes of searching Kaitlin found her. Again she attempted to talk to her, Angalisa refused as she screamed at her, making her leave. Then Lowrey came up and sat beside her, attempting to get her to calm down. She again refused to listen were she got back up, and slowly walked off the farm to the nearby town of Blueberry, with nothing but tears running down her face, heartbroken. Once she got about two blocks into town, Lowrey attempted to reach out to her and cuff her to get her to stop, Angalisa then thrusted her wrist forward as she then dashed off again toward Palomino, just to head home. Once she got about two miles from town, she grew tired, and fell front onto the ground, gasping for air as Lowrey approached her. Still being tear-bound, she sat there while Lowrey attempted to talk to her again. Again she refused to listen as she claimed herself as a "Lost cause" and how he was wasting his time trying to help her. He refused to believe that as he truly cared about her, but she developed trust issues after all she has been though in her life time. Finally Lowrey got her calmed down enough to the point where he was able to get her home, but their only ride being Kaitlin.

As they rode home, all she did was watching out the window, tears still running down her face. Once home, Angalisa rolled up on the couch, digging her head into the back rest, her tears covering her face as Kaitlin attempted to talk to her. Repeatedly she claimed how she was sorry of the outcome of the entire situation, and in all reality it shouldn't have been like this. She claimed how it was all her fault and she should have tried to help Angalisa instead of breaking her heart and making things worse for her. She claimed how she'd always be there for her no matter what, for whatever she needed. But Angalisa claimed how she could not trust anyone as it seemed soon or later they would turn on her, leaving her hurt as usual. All she could do is lay there with that on her mind as Kaitlin went to go check on a call. Angalisa laid there, only thing on her mind. Then when she came back hours later, she again attempted to talk to her. Having near the same result, all Angalisa could do was roll back into the couch, leaving a blank stare into the back of it as the tears would roll down her face, her mind becoming filled with all the memories of all the tragic things that have happened in her life. From being beaten, blackmailed, raped, heartbroken, watching her only friend kill himself in-front of her eyes, her memory of Jack, etc. A she laid there, she shivered witch took to Kaitlin's attention as she then went and got Angalisa a blanket off the bed and covered her with it, again wiping the tears off her face as she asked her to look at her. She then talked to her, but this time Angalisa giving no response as she didn't know how to react. Then finally after another hour, Kaitlin and Lowrey had to head home. In witch they were concerned on how Angalisa would act on her own, Kaitlin promised her that is she didn't do anything to bring harm against herself, she would do her any favor asked. She agreed to the matter, but didn't know what to ask for as trust was still an issue along with there really not being anything on mind.

Undercover gone bad Edit

One late day in August, Angalisa went for a ride around town. It was a late, but clear night with the sky just having that perfect look to it with the starlight and scattered clouding. She came up to a cross walk in the road in which she ended up rolling over, so, she put the car into reverse, and backed up a bit, just to leave it clear. Before she realized, she got jerked around in her seat, only to look in the rear-view mirror after, seeing she ended up rear-ended the girl behind. Angalisa went for a drive to clear her mind, but then at the instant that happened, the driver behind ended up flipping shit, and started screaming. This being done, Angalisa retaliated, and began the scream back towards the driver. Next thing you know, the driver behind, backed up, and then rear-ended her again, before pulling back around and taking off in-front. Angalisa then slammed on the gas, taking off to catch up to her. Only to end up rear-ending her again as the driver she was chasing, slammed on the breaks. Then ended up taking off, before doing the same thing again.

After this, Angalisa took off and headed to the SPD HQ, and took out one of their Coverlet Suburbans. Then took off to search for the driver. Only to find out she had switched vehicles and took out a bike. Angalisa then turned out in-front of her, cutting her off. The bike then hit the front of the truck, but at a very low speed in which it didn't cause a real crash, only like a slight bump. Then Jordan pulled up in an unmarked, Angalisa called over the radio to him that she needed backup before. At this time, Angalisa rolled down her window, telling the driver to pull over. She refused to listen, taking off. Jordan and Angalisa then both took off at full speed trying to keep up with her, but the bike was too fast. The chase ended in less than three minutes.

About five minutes after, the 511 dispatch ended up getting a call about from s girl called "Erica" saying she wanted to talk to the "Crazy bitch." Angalisa knew who she was talking about. So, she called her, Erica claimed she would meet Angalisa, but only on the condition that she would come alone, not acting as a cop at all. She agreed to these terms, but called in for backup over the radio. Jordan then took an unmarked, and kept a black away from Unity Station Erica told Angalisa to meet. Angalisa then came up and got a text from Erica saying they her hint was near something "Brown."

Only thing insight was a brown Manana that had a phone under it. It containing texts saying to go to the old airfield in Los Ventures. She then went out, agreeing to the terms, again having Jordan on stand-by. He then took post in the old COMMS tower, keeping an eye on Angalisa as she pulled up to the hanger. Erica then stepped out from around the hanger as she approached Angalisa. Angalisa then rested her hand on holster, as she then drawed out her Springfield 1911 from it, keeping it at hand for her own safety. Erica then told Angalisa to close her eyes, in-which she complied in doing so. Before she knew it, Erica ended up, having Angalisa in cuffs, and was able to disarm her. Angalisa then quickly was forced to face her car as Erica pulled down Angalisa's pants, forcing her to bend over the car's roof. Angalisa then attempted to head-butt Erica, but only ended up smacking her back against her head. This of course had no effect towards her at all, only to come to Erica pulling Angalisa’s bra and shirt up over her arms and down to her cuffed hands. Jordan then saw all of this, calling in for back up seeing as Erica was now armed with Angalisa's sidearm, and now possibly about to rape her. Not even a minute after, Sarina Torres shows up in the Eagle unit, shining the light from it down on-top of Erica and Angalisa as then three cruisers arrived on scene. Erica freaked out, before she would then slide her thumb into Angalisa, just to make her mark, before diving in towards the car's window, griping the 1911 and putting it against her head, pulling the trigger. Lowrey and the rest of the students then dove out of the car, keeping aim into the car until it was for sure she was dead.

She then just sat there, bent over the car, shaken and crying. Until Lowrey called in for Sarina to land and help Angalisa get dressed again. And was forced to shoot the cuffs off from her wrists at the link. At the shot, Angalisa jumped as she was freaked out by it. She was plight about it, but Angalisa was mind fucked from what just happened, and who all just saw it. Lowrey then had her get into his car, were he took her home. She then basically stumbled out of the car, shaken. Coming home to find Rachel not there, as she was tear broken, she laid appon the bed, crying herself to sleep.

Did I die? Edit

On September 7th, 2011, a call came in on a code two against a possibly armed female evading from the police. Angalisa then took the call and responded as backup. Multiple times she would end up heading the chase by aid of the eagle unit that was soaring above as near danger close height. This being recommended to try to toss the suspect off track. After about two hours in the chase, the eagle unit had to fall back, in need of a re-fuel. Leaving Angalisa and Kane Kings to head the chase. Angalisa took solo in her Charger, and Kane in the HSU Camaro. They ended up chasing the girl up into San Fiearro, were they ended up fallowing her up a narrow, curved hill. Angalisa came across a corner on it that had no barriers and attempted to drift around it. But the tires were built for traction, not drift. Thus, leaving the two then slides right off the edge of the hill. The car slide down until it slammed up against a tree in which case stopped the car, but the G force from it was enough to knock Angalisa unconscious. Then after a few seconds, the car rolled back down the rest of the hill, puncturing the gas tank, before landing down on the road below.
Kane saw the action take place as he was right behind Angalisa during the entire time. He then shouted over radio as the noise from the crash would cover it. But he was then able to be Hearn clear. James Canavan, a good friend, and Angalisa's Lieutenant, was not too far behind the group, he then rushed towards Angalisa's location as the gas from the tank would drip down onto the pavement. Once arrived, he took no hesitation to get Angalisa out from the cruiser then laying her down into the back of his. But, as soon as he drops her down, Angalisa's Charger would then explode from the gas catching fire from the hot pipes of the car's under-body. The explosion nearly knocking James off his feet, but was able to stay up with support from the car door. He then rushed Angalisa to ASH, in which she had to have surgery for the cuts, some requiring stitches. Was only to be a merical that no broken bones were found. After this, she was taking into recovery, were she rested for a few days before her release.
Fired Charger

Came her day of release, she was picked up, and aided by her close friend Melissa Jones. Angalisa has been living with Melissa back at her house in Palomino. Do to her resent problems with no longer seeing Rachel. Angalisa already sold her house, so she was alone. But, from here, Melissa took Angalisa back to her house and cared for her as she rested. Come a few days later, she then started to take into liberty to start physical therapy to help get back onto her feet. In which she called the most energetic and fit person she knew, Kaitlin. Kaitlin then came over to help out Angalisa, but had to leave because Irene was having problems. Few hours later she called back, saying she was on her way. Once arrived, the two then were about to begin, until Angalisa brought up to Kaitlin as to how she seemed depressed. Once beginning to talk, Kaitlin came out, and apologized to Angalisa for everything she has ever done. This being the broken promises, including not talking to her, not being with her forever and such. Angalisa repeative times tried to calm Kaitlin down, but it would not work. She kept going at it, until, the thing that Angalisa thought she would never see happen again, happened...

Kaitlin kissed her...

When you think you're down and out Edit

Angalisa and Melissa dated for a few months after. When Angalisa thought that after all this time, she could just settle down with one relationship. But things did not turn out that way. Wile on duty, Angalisa pulled up to the local casino on Vinewood blvd. What cought her attention was a few sheets of paper plastered all over the front door with inappropriate remarks written all over it. So she steps out of her cruiser, leaving her equipment inside, came to the door, tore the papers off then walked into the casino to talk to the manager about them. Once walked into the door, she looked around to see Melissa and the BCI Captain of the time, Ricardo Wright sitting togeather, kissing. Angalisa stood frozen for a few moments, before dropping the papers, reaching to her finger, griping her ring that Melissa has given her, then droping it before turning and leaving. She then running off down the road. Ricardo and Melissa fallowing behind, they attempted to get her to stop. Angalisa being well fit, running down towards Verona Beach. Her heart broken, she refused to look behind herself.

After running back up to the Marina area, Melissa then stopped, shouted once more, then pulled her sidearm out, pressing it against her head. Shouting how she was sorry and she just wanted to end it. Angalisa turning back around, watching her, tear broken as she stood speechless. Then passed an LSPD officer, Tom Askland. He then calling in for back-up. He pulled his car over, sliding out using it for cover as he pulled out his firearm. Soon, six cop cars pulled up, all in standoff with Melissa and Angalisa, Angalisa then just turned her back, and slowly walked off before turning to a sprint. She ran up the block then ran up a building's scaffolding were she just curled up, not being able to do anything but sit there crying.

After a few minutes, she gets a call from her brother Jordan, asking were she was imediatly, only to find out that she was wanted as a rouge officer, being called out for being heavily armed. Yet, she was not even armed, her equipment being left in her cruiser. Jordan then came to Angalisa, loader her up in his truck then took her to his house on East Beach. She then took the radio, then called in her position. Before long, four supervisor SUVs pulled up, taking her into custody, then taken to the department. There she sat in a room with her commiseriner, Deputy Comisioner, Ricardo, Melissa, and a few troopers. There she was asked to give her side of the story.Once explained, Ricardo then bent the truth into his own words, before saying that Angalisa aimed a gun at him when she wasn't even armed to begin with. Thus leaving the Deputy Comisioner to fire her on the spot for something she didn't even do. There, her heart was broken, all she had worked for, the countless times she put her own life on the line, was taken from her.

Second Chance Edit

For about two weeks, Angalisa was left un-employed living at her close friend's, Alissa's, house. Angalisa was contacted with Kailtin, she asked her to meet with her to discuss a few things. Angalisa agreed in witch once the two met-up, Kaitlin held out a sheet of paper towards Angalisa, it being a contract to possibly let her back in the department. It stating how she can not under any circumstances allow her emotions to show up in her work wile on-duty. Angalisa at first fought about it, before agreeing with it, signing her name on it. Kaitlin then took the sheet to the rest of the SPD High Command were she got it approved then Anglisa finally got re-instated into the department.

Nearly Gone Edit

7/2/2012, a distress call from LSPD comes in requesting for back up at the Old Palomino Hotel. Angalisa, Kailtin, Darren Baker, Jeffery Anderson, and Robert Jackson responded as STOP operators. Angalisa went in after a flash and gas were tossed into the door, following her fellow operators as a standard breach. Once in, she dove into cover behind one of the pillers infront of her. A few bullets riddled passed her as she ducked down.

She tilted her head up, lifting her M4 up as she went to shoot, only to have a 9mm bullet strike her arm. She fell back behind the pillar in pain, but still determined. After a mintue, she lifted back up, firing another burst before another 9mm shot strikes her right leg. She fell back down once more in pain before Robert Jackson comes up beside her to aid her. Screaming in pain, she lifts up once more, firing off a few more rounds towards the suspect, Yuna Natsumi. She lowers back down before another suspect comes around with a shot-gun, shooting off multiple rounds towards Angalisa and Robert before a entire 12 Gage buck-shot strikes Angalisa in the back, rattling through her armor, going directly into her back. She falls, silent, screaming in pain as she could only lay there. Jackson quickly jumped back out of the way as he shot, before going back in, pulling Angalisa back, and dragging her out of the hotel.

He rested her down on the ground, Angalisa looking up towards him, her vision going blurry before Kailtin and the rest pull out. Darren suffering multiple gun shot injuries, Robert suffering a few minor, Jeffrey and Kailtin getting out without anything. Kailtin then walks towards Angalisa, slinging her M4 over her shoulder as she glances down towards her, griping her cheeks as she eyes her, making sure Angie was still with them. She repeated "Angie, keep talking.. Keep talking, you'll be fine." Angie could only respond with "K-kate-..." Bleeding on the ground from the shots she suffered, she kept eyeing Kailtin, before saying "K-kate-.. I-i'm n-not-.. g-going t-to m-make it-... T-tell-.. A-.. Alissa-.. I love her a-and you b-both-.." They then drug Angalisa back to the cruiser, resting her against the back wheel, before Kailtin and Jeffrey went back in after LSPD took down a wall of the Hotel. Angalisa then reached for her radio as she coughs once before weakly speaking "K-ill t-them K-kate-.." before dropping her radio, falling unconscious. After a few moments, they came back, Anderson suffering a single gun-shot wound, and Kailtin with nothing. They ended up finally killing the suspect.

They pilled everyone into the cruiser as Kailtin then took everyone to the hospital, soon to be aided by EMS. After awhile, Kailtin came back to check on everyone. She stopped to Robert first before he said "I'm fine, check on Patterson." Angalisa had just woken up, still out of it from the incident, staring blankly at the wall, Kailtin came up, getting Angalisa's attention before she rolled over, then quickly reaching out, tightly hugging her by the legs. "I thought I was dead."